Romans 15:1 MSG

Those of us who are strong and able in the faith need to step in and lend a hand to those who falter, and not just do what is most convenient for us. Strength is for service, not status. Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help?”

Where Your Money Goes

Classic Cars For The Cure works to ensure that all persons enduring cancer and their caretakers (co-survivors), regardless of race, income, geographic location or insurance status, have access to Classic Cars for the Care packages.
This year, we are aiming to invest in countless of lives by providing care packages, meals, and relevant services to survivors and co-survivors.
Our desire is the care packages will bring hope and strength to the cancer survivors and co-survivors.

Philippians 2:4 MSG

Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead.  Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.

Classic Cars for the Cure
Sample Care Package*

Dodie Osteen’s ‘Healed of Cancer’ book

What Cancer Cannot Do Bookmark

Pink Ribbon Lapel Pin With Crystals

2-Pack Pink Ribbon Lapel Pins

Breast Cancer Awareness Angel Lapel Pin

Cancer Journal

Prayer Book

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Notebook and Pen Set

Pink Ribbon Camo Fleece Blanket

Pink Ribbon Bear

Breast Cancer Pashmina

Pink Ribbon Reusable Bag

Breast Cancer Awareness Ankle Socks

Pink Ribbon Stress 2.5" Balls

CCFTC Pillow 

*Contents of care package is subject to change based upon the type of cancer and sex of the survivor/co-survivor.